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SH Fund Drive

The Strange Horizons spring fund drive starts tomorrow. Though I don't work for the magazine anymore, I still try to keep track of how they're doing. One recent pleasing event was that the NYT review of The Last Witchfinder mentioned SH as "an online magazine devoted to cutting-edge fantasy fiction." Speculative fiction is more than just fantasy, of course, but, close enough. SH's authors have been nominated for, and in many cases won, just about every SF award worth talking about, including the Campbell (best new author) and the various "diversity" awards (Tiptree, Spectrum, etc) for dealing with issues of gender, race, etc. So, cutting-edge, yeah.

The person in charge of Development remarked that, in an ideal world, SH's funding would come entirely from people chipping in $5 each. While unique host numbers from the weblogs don't give precise numbers, we do know for sure that the magazine has enough readers that if they all chipped in even one dollar, the magazine would have more money than it would know what to do with. If you're into that sort of thing, stop by, browse a few stories (there are hundreds, and they're all free!) and if you like 'em, consider supporting the site.

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