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If I hosted a Phil Angelides house party on May 6th...

...would anybody actually want to come? I'll be just back from the California Democratic Convention, so I can report on goings-on there. They're distributing a "Meet Phil" DVD, and there's a dial-in conference call thing, where I think they'll have some system for accepting questions. I suppose we could integrate some playing of Settlers, and other such games, as well, after the conference call winds down.

I think I may be somewhat ill-suited to the way modern political activism works, because I feel like I'm imposing or being a pest, when I try to tell people about a candidate/issue about whom/which I am enthusiastic. I try anyways, but it doesn't feel natural. Maybe I'll get better at this, eventually? (Though, I'm starting to feel like the general public perceives "being enthusiastic about Phil Angelides" as similar to being enthusiastic about Al Gore. Wonks have trouble exciting people, regardless of whether they'd make competent, effective leaders. Sigh. Though I have to say, Phil's a very effective speaker in person.) I would feel especially odd hosting a party that has a "suggested donation" ($20, with larger amounts being welcome -- if I did the party, the target fundraising amount would be $500, though perhaps that's absurdly ambitious, considering my web fundraiser page stalled out, halfway to a less lofty goal).

Anyways, I suppose y'all might prove me wrong, and say you'd love to come to something like that. Possibly I'll check whether anyone local has an open-invite event, or just skip it... I need to attend traffic school, some Saturday in May, anyways, to avoid the insurance impact of a ticket. Sigh.

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