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A few political items, plus some non-political fun.

First, if you're in AD21, our Assemblyman, Ira Ruskin, is holding an event up in Redwood City on Sunday May 21st. I've met him a few times, and talked with him a bit at the convention. The event is free to kids (under 18), but $35 for adults (though I guess part of that may be covering the BBQ that's being cooked up by the San Mateo and Santa Clara County Firefighters). Sun May 21, 12:30-3pm. He also does occasional townhalls, which of course are free. OTOH, they're also more formal, with a controlled Q&A style. I've chatted with him briefly a few times (including at the convention), and have had a generally favorable impression; he's particularly strong on local issues of environmental/urban compatibility -- keeping our existing open spaces green, while growing intelligently so we can fit more people and commerce without feeling cramped, etc.

Second, Debra Bowen, who won the party endorsement for Secretary of State with 80% of the vote, has a five-point plan up, requesting endorsement signatures from citizens. It's all stuff that's the blindingly obvious, and yet somehow mysteriously is not on the agenda of the GOP. If you pay attention to such things, you may recall that our current Secretary of State (who has repeatedly refused requests to do proper testing of our voting machines, which would very likely result in revoking their certification for use) got the office through an appointment from Arnie, after the press hounded the elected Democrat from office, on never-proved charges (a mixed bag relating to campaign contributions and improper use of federal Help America Vote Act funds). I'm not so upset that he resigned -- it sounded like there at least was enough to the charges that he had done something unethical, and while it may not have been illegal, I'm in favor of purging our party of sleaze. OTOH, I have niggling doubts that he may have been SwiftBoated -- taken down by fabrications -- simply because he would've had us using machines that couldn't be manipulated. In any case, given that it came right on the heels of the recall, it was ugly; Arnie should have appointed somebody less partisan than the guy he chose, and the leg should've stonewalled until they got somebody decent.

Third, I'm thinking of going out to knock on doors in my neighborhood, Saturday morning, maybe something like 10am-1pm. If anyone would be interested in joining me, I'd love the company. It's a nice neighborhood, the people are great (at least, the ones I've met at our Residents' Association are), and we'll get some exercise. (I guess I'll need to print out my list of doors on Friday afternoon, at work, since I don't have a printer at home...)

I'm also thinking of doing pizza and games (sans politics, I guess, since I seem to have utterly failed to drum up interest in that) on Saturday evening, ~7pm til whenever people get tired. I know djdigit has expressed interest, and I imagine plymouth should be back from her research visit to the wind farm... Zar? Settlers? Bueller?

Lastly, it looks like the winning time for Pizza and Politics was Sun 6/4 evening. I'll reannounce closer to the date (with a request for pizza prefs and firm RSVPs). I'm tentatively thinking we should start a little on the early side (maybe have people show up between 5pm and 6pm, start going through the ballot around 6pm) since most of us will have work the next day...

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