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Best. Editorial. Ever.

A noir PI investigates the wedge between GDP and median wage... It's better than Guy Noir. And I have the Guy Noir t-shirt.

Also picked up from Kevin Drum, the least surprising headline of the day: Many Youths Disregard Their Virginity Pledges, Harvard Study Says. In a longitudinal study, with interviews conducted multiple times over a period of years, "52% of those who said they had signed virginity pledges had had sex within a year. And of those who had sex after telling the first interviewers they had taken the pledge, 73% denied in the second interview having made the pledge."

I love how the Concerned Women of America have gone ballistic over this, trying to say that it must be nonsense because their own study -- conducted by polling the kids with loaded questions -- got different results. Of course it did, you CWA ninnies! They lied to you. Kids have always lied to judgmental adults about sex.

ETA: While I'm collecting random links... PaxWorld mutual funds announces changes to their system of SRI screening. As a shareholder, I very much approve of the direction they're taking the fund. (As I've noted in the past, Phil Angelides has the distinction of having successfully managed, since 1998, the biggest SRI fund in the world: the CA pension system. The PaxWorld article gives some more detail about what exactly SRI means.)

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