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Don't like phone companies handing your records to the NSA?

Sign up for Working Assets Long Distance.

You get twelve monthly free-pint B&J coupons, as well as peace of mind and warm fuzzy feelings. And as far as I can tell, the rates are basically the same as Sprint's.

If you have my home number, or ask for it over email, you can tell them I referred you, and get me free long-distance minutes. *g*

Posted due to this in my inbox:

A Message From Working Assets' President

In light of new revelations about the big telecommunications carriers' handing over domestic calling records to the National Security Agency, I am writing to let you know where Working Assets stands on the NSA's increasingly alarming activities.

Working Assets believes that the warrantless monitoring of phone conversations ordered by the Bush administration is illegal and unacceptable. As reported yesterday in USA Today (linked below), AT&T, Bell South and Verizon sold customer call records to the NSA. We also unequivocally oppose the disclosure of domestic calling records to the NSA by our nation's telecommunications providers. Working Assets would never, under any circumstances, give (let alone sell) records to the Bush administration without a warrant or court order.

In fact, as Working Assets' President, I recently signed on to an amicus brief supporting the ACLU's law suit against the National Security Agency. We are the only telephone company participating in this lawsuit.
(Details: .)


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