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More door-knocking... Also, Pizza and Politics!

Went out and canvassed another 102 voters today. Actually spoke to about 20% of them, left flyers for the others. (The way I did the flyer, I put an official campaign thing on one side, and my own "Hello, neighbor!" letter on the other, with my email address and an invitation to send questions.)

Canvassing really is a good bit of fun. You meet your neighbors, and the vast majority are friendly, and even if they're undecided or in favor of the other guy, they think it's nice to see people out getting involved. (Xta has a post on the topic here.) If you might be interested in trying it out, check this post for info.

Alarmingly, today's work doesn't even finish off my precinct -- I think there are ~100 more in #2005 after that, And then there's the whole 'nother precint in College Terrace. Eep. It's going to be hard to cover the whole of CT before the election. I've got what, three more weekends (5/20, 5/27, 6/3) before the election. May need to do ~125 each of those weekends; split across Sat and Sun, that's not SO unreasonable. Also, we signed up to do a bit of Xta's neighborhood for tomorrow...

In semi-related news: Pizza and Politics will be held on Sunday June 4th, two days before the election. If you are planning to come and would like pizza, please email me your pizza preferences. Pizza will be delivered by Patxi's. A cash contribution for your share of the pizza will be much appreciated, though not required.

ETA: I should have the place ready for guests around 5pm; people can show up between then and 6pm. We'll start chatting over the ballot then, and take a break whenever the pizza shows up (7pm-ish?).

So far, I have the basic voter guide, the endorsement list from the Sierra Club, and endorsement info from the CA Democratic Party. I imagine we can check out the Pete Rates site, and maybe the SF Chronicle and Guardian, SJ Mercury, SacBee, LAT...

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