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Phone calls vs. precinct walking...

Reminder: Pizza and Politics is Sun June 4th, doors open at 5pm, discussion starts around 6pm, break for pizza around 7pm. Please email me if you're planning to attend; include info on your pizza preferences.

The weather today was looking threatening -- and yesterday evening they were forecasting rain for today -- so I didn't print out a walklist at work (no printer at home). Instead, I've spent a few hours using the phone-banking tool. Mostly I ended up with answering machines. I did get a few people who were interested in hearing what I had to say, which was nice. A few others hung up on me, or were otherwise rude; I wish they'd at least say something like, "Sorry, we don't take phone solicitations," or whatever.

As it's turned out, it never did start raining... I sorta wish I'd printed out a list and braved the weather, because I've found the walking a lot more satisfying. Part of it may just be being outside and getting some exercise, but I think it's also partly that it's more effective, and more satisfying, to talk to people face to face. I always feel really good when I come back from canvassing, even if I'm a bit tired and sunbaked. (I suppose my general mood isn't helped by the fact that I really haven't gotten enough sleep, any night in the last week.)

Anyways. I'm debating doing another block or two of phonecalls; my voice is a bit ragged from the hundred I've already done, so I'm kinda leaning against, but maybe I'll do one more set in an hour or so. Also, I'm thinking on Monday I'll print up a list of 100 or so doors, and try to get them done on Mon-Wed nights. Next Sat afternoon is the pollworker training, but there's nothing else that weekend, so hopefully I can cover another 150-200 doors then; that should put me close to finishing the whole neighborhood...

I have my final in Finance on Thu. And we also present our group project. All told, more than half of the grade for the class gets decided on that one evening. Eep!

This is looking like a ridiculously busy weekend, from tonight through tomorrow night... There's a party starting in the afternoon in Fremont, an East Bay Goth dinner at Battambang (fantastic Cambodian, at Broadway and 9th in Oakland), and a Bab5 party in Redwood City. Tomorrow there's a political event for Ira Ruskin, and then a BBQ at my cousin's place in the evening...

Oh, also, I went to pick up my bike from its tuneup, and then gave it back to them so they could install an extension for the handlebars. That's always been the one thing I wasn't happy with -- the way the bars were originally mounted, I have to lean forward farther than I find comfortable, and it puts weight on my hands and wrists, which adds to my RSI issues. I guess we'll have to wait a few more days to start trying the biking-to-work thing together...

Speaking of RSI stuff, I think the Evoluent vertical mouse, which I've been using at work, may be helping somewhat, though it's not perfect -- a little bulkier than I'd prefer, which is a problem if you need to lift and move the mouse. I wish they'd make a trackball version. Their keyboard, with the numeric keypad shifted to the left side, is a godsend; I've always hated the fact that if you're mousing right-handed, you have to reach way over, past the keypad, to get to the mouse.

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