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We quiver with antici...

The live returns from the SecState office are really encouraging.

Debra Bowen is a sure thing. And Phil's lead has been slowly, slowly widening -- about a tenth of a point with every new batch of precincts, up to 4.2 percentage points now. And Alameda County, which will almost certainly break heavily in his favor, has only 2% of precincts reporting.

After putting in lord knows how many hours canvassing and calling the past few weeks, and then angsting all day as a clerk being unable to engage with people or even get some sort of exit polling, and feeling kinda worried about the number of N-Ps in Santa Clara who were showing up to vote in the Dem primary (presumably for Westly)... OMG. I think we're going to win. *faint*


ETA: I wish it to be known that, at least from what I saw as the polls-closed reports scrolled by on the machines at my precinct, I think Phil did win College Terrace, despite the fact that Santa Clara County as a whole looks to have gone to Westly by 3.7 points (with 43% of precincts reporting).

ETA, 1am: Currently there are >5000 precincts remaining to report in counties where Phil is up by 2+ points. There are ~1100 precincts left in counties where Westly is up by 2+ points. 69.5% of all precints are in. Lead is 4.1 points.

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