August 27th, 2003

Auros Face from wedding

lots of opera

The next few months are going to be fairly intensively operatic. Just in September, there are two free events, plus the first few shows on my subscription. And I no longer have a regular partner taking my second subscribed ticket. If you're interested in going to something with me, let me know. It'd be a shame to have tickets go to waste.

Sun 9/7 1:30pm -- Opera in the Park: Not really an opera, just a bunch of arias. It's on Sharon Meadow (at the east end of Golden Gate Park, near the Haight).

Wed 9/10 7:30pm -- The Mother of Us All: libretto by Gertrude Stein; about the history of women's suffrage in America, particularly focusing on Susan B. Anthony. I've never seen it.

Thu 9/18 7:30pm -- Die Zauberflöte (The Magic Flute): Yay, Mozart! Though actually, if they're repeating the production from a couple years ago, I was rather disappointed with the costumes and sets of that one. And the performers, actually. Hopefully it will be better this time. (This one has been spoken for.)

Sat 9/20 1:30pm -- Brown Bag Opera @ Union Square: I think this is also just random arias, though it's hard to tell from the website.

Tue 9/23 6:30pm -- Pagliacci and Cavalleria Rusticana: "Cav and Pag" are a couple of one-acts that are often performed together. Pag is basically a "buffo" comedy, while Cav is more of a drama... They're good. And this production is supposed to be particularly good. (This one has been spoken for.)
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Auros Face from wedding

politics: Pentagon patronage deal

To: Senators
Subject: Vote NO on Boeing Lease

In brief: the Pentagon is trying to rush through a leasing deal for a bunch of planes, and the lease actually looks like it will probably cost more than it would cost to just buy the planes outright. It definitely costs a lot more than it'd cost to improve maintainance on the current fleet so that they'd last a while longer, though I'm willing to accept that they may consider that too great a risk. But it's not clear that they do think that, because, well, nobody's asked!

Dear Senator,

I am very troubled by what I've heard about the Air Force deal with Boeing to lease 767s for use as tankers. I'm asking you to vote against the deal should it come before you, and to pressure your colleagues on the Armed Services Committee to do the same when they consider it in September.

I question the cost of leasing the tankers since there seem to be far cheaper options available. I question a process that circumvents a full debate in Congress and leaves the final decision to committees. And finally, I question how any Committee could make a decision without asking the Air Force to explain the alternatives.