August 29th, 2003

Auros Face from wedding

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Amazing what a mug of Gevalia in the morning will do for my mood.

Though dragging myself out of my warm bed was difficult; I'd left the window open last night, and it got much colder than I expected. Had the cats not been doing the Food Dance back and forth across me, I probably would've stayed buried under the covers for another half hour. Or hour.

So. Um. Do any females or reasonably stylish males want to go shopping on Market Street tomorrow afternoon?

I still can't figure out why it is I can pick out clothes I like just fine at NY Apparel, Funhouse, Gargoyle (which, sadly, seems to have gone out of business), and so on, and yet my psyche is incapable of dealing with shopping at, say, Nordstrom's. :-P
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