September 10th, 2003

Auros Face from wedding

Go me!

I finished off the major work for the Hindi dictionary, and left early to go get changed, feed the cats, etc.

I am vaguely annoyed at having my second seat get wasted, but oh well... I'll turn it in at the box office. I rather doubt they'll give me a refund, or anything like that. *sigh*

I find
sometimes it's easy to be myself.
But sometimes,
I find it's better to be somebody else.

Open up my head and let me out!

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Not Left-Handed

Opera, etc.

The Mother Of Us All is a very strange opera. But I liked it -- either it grew on my over the course of the performance, or it was actually becoming less obscure. Possibly it helped that during the intermission I managed to finish reading the articles in the program, and so a lot of random stuff made more sense, being tied into the real biographical info (both about Getrude Stein and Virgil Thomson, who created the work, and Susan B Anthony, its subject). I definitely like the music. And the text is interesting, when it's not being totally obscure. (Daniel Webster needs and artichoke!) I liked the overall sense of how a lot gets accomplished, and yet doesn't ever solve the deeper problems, but that it's OK because the problems are more just with the state of being human... Sort of a skeptical, but approving, take on progressivism.

Aside: Tsuki apparently wants to audition for an opera. She's singing to me from somewhere in the tangle of wires behind the desk. Tuneful little warbling meows. I have no idea why.

I probably should do a post soon about the October and November shows, so maybe people can plan ahead to join me... It really was a shame having to just turn in the ticket... Apparently it at least counts as a donation, so I can deduct the value from my income for tax purposes. (I actually will be itemizing my deductions for the first time this year.) If some of you would be needing to come from further away (like, from Sacto or wherever *pokes DD* ) bear in mind that there is crash space... Though I suppose since I get my tix on weeknights, commuting away in the morning would be a nuisance. (Take a day off! We can make french toast in the morning! *g*)

Also, I was listening to more of that Dave Matthews album in the car (which may be tempting fate, since the title is Crash). Does anyone else think that "Too Much" would make a very good theme song for the Republican Party?
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