October 13th, 2003

Supernatural Allies

Bubba Ho-Tep update

The place I have in mind for dinner is called Khun Phoa, and it has two locations right near each other, one a block north of the theater at Castro and Market, and one a block south, around the corner on 18th. The Castro and Market location is larger, so if we have end up with a large group for dinner, I'll make the reservation at that one. If we're under 10 people, I'll probably go for the 18th St one, because it's cozier.

RSVPing within the next couple days is highly recommended. So far, for dinner, I've only gotten one RSVP... Surely some bab5ers are planning to come?
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Abelian Grape

The happy beepy thing is back.

I seem to have been restored to the ranks of the cell-phone enabled. I got an upgrade out of the ordeal -- I now have a Samsung SPH-A400, which has a higher-res screen (though still just basic LCD with pixels that are on/off), and is slightly slimmer so it'll fit better in my pocket.

I know they're evil and probably fry your brain and all that... But they're so damn convenient, and when you're accustomed to having one, having it die is a serious pain.

I go sleep now.
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