October 21st, 2003


Yay for cat art!

I seem to have gotten several very amusing cat cards, and a couple felicentric objets d'arts (or however that's spelled -- I've never claimed any knowledge of French).

I'm just looking through the cat calendar given to me by a friend, with pretty black and white images done by a French photographer. She mentioned that she had considered getting me a calendar with images from Why Paint Cats?, a book of art painted onto cats. (No, I'm not kidding.) She had refrained because she (correctly) guessed that I might have some reservations about the ethics of painting a cat...

As it turned out, there was an even better reason not to get that calendar. Turns out my older brother bought me the book. *g*

I still find it sort of peculiar. I'd certainly never do that to the Onineko. But according to the text, it's all done very carefully. A lot of the artists work in lots of short sessions over the course of several days, applying peroxide or vegetable-based dye to one little patch at a time while the cats are sleeping. That's sort of like how I clip my kitties' claws, which, to be honest, they probably dislike more than they would dislike having bits of their fur turned different colors. *shrug*
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