November 26th, 2003

Abelian Grape

Cheesy Skiffy

(For the non-1337: "skiffy" is how real sf fans pronounce the marketer-imposed term "scifi". *g*)

Since I got rid of the extended cable service (and even if I still had it, the Mountain View franchise never did pick up the SciFi Channel, IIRC) I'm wondering whether anyone out there is geeky enough to be planning to take a look at the new Battlestar Galactica.

In other sf-nal news, one of my cow-orkers has a large baggie on her desk that contains a bunch of somethings that are probably either specimens of some kind of giant mutant Chinese grape, or facehugger pods. If the Earth is overrun by horrible aliens in the near future, now you know why.
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Secondary Accounts?

I was thinking of creating a separate journal for humorous usage, posting in the voice of the Onineko. (With any luck, "onineko" will be available. If not, maybe "onineko_sisters".) I know the posting menu gives a little drop down from which one can select "Journal to post in", which currently only has one option, namely "(auros) -- default". Could somebody either provide, or point me to, instructions on how to create an associated secondary account? Thanks in advance.

ETA: OK, consensus seems to be that the menu is only for communities, and there's no way to do this with individual user/journals. Ah well. (Mood changed to reflect disappointment.)
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