December 3rd, 2003

Abelian Grape

Don't Ask, Don't Tell: Still a stupid policy.

From Slate's "Today's Papers" news digest:

The [Wall Street] Journal says the military has been remarkably slow to recognize its need for translators and ramp up training: "Bottom line," said one internal Army report, "the U.S. Army doesn't have a fraction of the linguists required." Meanwhile the Post reminds that the military has discharged 37 linguists because they're gay (the linguists, not the military).

I'd comment that hey, I guess this means if I get laid off, I could always take my linguistics degree and my past history of having a clearance, and apply to be trained in Arabic and other sensitive languages, and get a secure job that way. Except of course, even if I weren't out as bi, my conscience wouldn't let me work for an organization whose leadership is so fabulously, ignorantly destructive. :-P

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