December 4th, 2003

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Housing ad...

I'm planning on moving in with a friend in Palo Alto. He's in a quite nice townhouse, and I'd end up with only slightly less space, and much lower rent. However, I'm thinking it'd be nice if I didn't have to pull out all of the furniture and other randoms -- particularly the cat-run, which was custom designed for the apartment's balcony, and the network of ethernet lines, which obviously isn't portable. *g*

I'd like to see whether I can simply find somebody who would like to take over my lease and buy some of the furniture. I'm not very good at writing housing ads, though, so I thought I'd put up a first version here and ask if anyone has suggestions before I move it to Craig's List. You're welcome to pass info to friends.

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Some part of my brain hasn't quite caught up with the idea that I've decided to do this. I've only been there I guess a year and a half, but still, it's come to really feel like my home. First place that was shared with someone I loved as "ours"; where I brought the cats home to; etc. I really was expecting to be in my current apartment indefinitely, maybe until I decided to buy an actual house. But cutting my rent by $600 would make a huge difference in my budget. Currently, my debts are getting paid down, but very slowly; with an extra $7200 (!) over the course of 2004, I would easily be out of debt completely, and started on setting up a serious liquid investment plan. (Currently I invest 6% of my income in a 401(k), 5% is automatically applied to paying down my debts -- I also apply whatever spare money I have at the end of each month after paying the following month's rent -- and another 2% goes into an employee stock purchase plan, which is semiliquid. The money sits for six months before it's used to buy the stock, and then I have to hold the stock for a year or the sale is counted under income tax rules, rather than long-term capital gains.) If Bush is re-elected, possibly I should start investing in foreign currencies. Maybe a basket of CA, AU, and NZ dollars, so I have cash available in the countries I'd most consider moving to. Maybe Euros (for Ireland) and GBP, as well.
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