December 8th, 2003

Avenging Angel

urgent political item

The Republican leadership has called a one-day special session in an attempt to ram through an $820 billion omnibus spending bill, heavily laden with corporate giveaways -- two million for a program to get young people into golf, hundreds of thousands each to the beef and turkey industries, etc. (Never mind that kids aren't being taught to read, what they really need to know is how to play golf!) Additionally, the bill includes things like a formalization of the FCC's rollback of media consolidation rules, and the elimination of overtime rules for about 8 million workers.

The text of the bill -- which is, of course, a huge tome -- was not even provided to the people who have to vote on it til the last possible minute -- one legislator, announcing his opposition, commented that he'd have to be stupid to vote in favor of something without knowing what's in it. Please consider calling your Rep and Senators and telling them you oppose this bill.

The vote will be some time today, so you'll need to call in the next hour or two for it to matter...
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Supernatural Allies

Seasoned gratings!

Today I received a very pretty Christmas card from querida_bonbon. I also got the December catalog update from Blowfish, complete with a quite pretty model on the cover, wearing a mask that looks to be made of holly and fir branches; very Yule-appropriate. Now all I need is a Chappy Chanukah Chard. *g*

I occasionally feel a touch guilty about receiving cards from people when I don't really send cards very often. At least I do fairly openly tell people, in advance, that I don't really do the holiday card thing. I do sometimes send cards at random if they strike me as appropriate...

ETA: A gift certificate email (it's for an online store that sells spices and stuff) just arrived, on behalf of larksdream. *feels loved*
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