January 12th, 2004


Accomplishments of the Day

Hired a Contact Manager for the SH Reviews Department.

Edited the review for Jan 26.

Clipped the cats' claws.

Made delicious Navratan Korma (mild veggie-and-nut curry) for my dad's sister's family.

Finished MovableType module for capturing info from people's Greencine accounts, aside from final debugging. The lovely proprietress of smartablog posted a while back asking if somebody could adapt the existing Netflix code, and I've given it my best shot. I know I've at least gotten my parsing code right, but until somebody actually plugs it into MT, I won't know for sure that I didn't leave any stupid bugs like missing semicolons, typos, etc... That should hopefully get resolved in the next week or so. If it does work out, I want my official Perl Guru pin, dammit.

Oh, and just to follow LJ tradition: Go me!
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Auros Face from wedding

political speculation

A couple of articles I've seen today noted extreme cordiality between Dean and Edwards in a couple recent public appearances, and suggested that perhaps Edwards is getting positioned as VP material. Which I think would be great -- he strikes me as a bit short on experience to be the top of the ticket, but he's very charismatic, and the media has, thus far, seemed rather enamored of him. I still think in terms of both substance and theoretical value in FL, Graham would be an excellent choice, but he's not particularly charismatic, and old enough that if Dean (or whoever) had two terms, by the time that was over, Graham would definitely not be a good choice for following him. I would've liked a Dean/Clark or Clark/Dean ticket, but at this point that seems unlikely...
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