February 3rd, 2004


Cookware Lust (GIP)

I am a Calphalon groupie.

For my icon, I decided to go with the Tri-Ply Copper, because it's so lovely. Also works very well. I have the 8-inch omelette pan, and it's excellent. But a bit difficult to clean. I have a 10-inch frying pan (not that I use it for frying things very often; mostly for simmering or searing or sauteing) from the Contemporary Nonstick line, and it is also nice, but of course the problem with non-stick cookware has always been that if you nick the non-stick surface even once, it starts flaking off from around the nick, so you have to be absurdly careful with it, while cooking and cleaning, if you want it to last more than a handful of years.

This is melting my brain. I must find reviews to see if the pros think it's as good as they're claiming. If so, a complete set may end up as the top item on my wishlist for bday/xmas presents. (Though I have to admit I still am somewhat tempted to just give up on nonstick, and go with the copper; it's prettier, and stainless steel is better over the long run, if you're willing to put in the effort to keep it clean, and learn how to avoid letting things stick.)
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