February 23rd, 2004

Avenging Angel

Draft Roy Moore for President?

What's a good way to ensure Democratic victory this fall? An anti-Nader!

The Constitution Party wants Roy Moore, the recently removed "Ten Commandments" judge from Alabama, to run for President. The Bush administration recently thumbed its nose at Moore by appointing Bill Pryor, the man who prosecuted the case that removed Moore from the bench, to a Federal Appeals Court.

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What say we give the man a little encouragement? I've been unable to find a direct email address. If any of you do, please let me know. Lacking that info, here's an email I just sent to his legal foundation:

To: info@morallaw.org
Subject: Moore for President?

I cannot find a direct email address for Roy Moore, but would like to encourage him to sign on with the Constitution Party and run for President. George W Bush has just appointed, to the federal bench, the man who removed Moore from the Alabama Supreme Court. Surely this makes clear enough the fact that Judge Moore's point of view is not being taken seriously by the Republican party.

RM Harman

Update, 6:33pm. You can send Roy a personal letter of encouragement at this address:

Chief Justice Roy S. Moore
c/o Foundation for Moral Law, Inc.
P. O. Box 231264
Montgomery, AL 36123-1264

You know you wanna!
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Felifluid Dynamics

It is well established that cats are not actually solid -- they're either a highly viscous liquid, or perhaps a colloid. In any case, I've established a new equation for the field of Felifluid Dynamics. Obviously "sound" -- pressure waves -- can be propagated through fluids. After thorough observation, it has been determined that:

Volume( ( 2 cats + 1 furry mouse toy ) * 1 slick hardwood floor ) ≈ Volume( 1 herd of very small elephants )
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