March 9th, 2004

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Gay rights activism through the ages.

NYTimes review of Strangers.

I was very pleased to discover that the Marquis de Condorcet -- one of my personal heroes, for having invented the science of social choice theory -- turns out to also be one of the earliest advocates of gay rights, depsite being het himself, so far as anyone knows. "'Sodomy violates the right of no man,' Condorcet declared to France's National Assembly in the late 18th century."

The book under review in the linked/quoted article sounds pretty cool.
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Supernatural Allies

Draft Roy Moore redux: The Republicans need a Nader!

When last we visited this topic, Roy Moore, formerly Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court, had been removed from his office for refusing to comply with a court order to remove his Ten Commandments monument from his courthouse. A lead role in the removal was played by Alabama Attorney General William Pryor -- Pryor, who had originally offered to argue for Moore, had turned around and prosecuted Moore. It is widely believed that the intention of this act was to make himself look more moderate, due to his pending confirmation hearings before the Senate Judiciary Committee. After the Ds on that committee blocked him, the Bush administration used a controversial recess appointment to put Pryor on the bench.

The Constitution Party, whose platform consists of a mix of strict-constructionism and Xian revisionism -- and, incidentally, opposes Bush's Federal Marriage Amendment because they think it represents unnecessary tampering with their second-most-cherished document -- has been trying to draft Moore. They feel that the Bush administration does not sufficiently support Xian principles, primarily using its rhetoric, and occasional policy gestures, to whip up support and gather donations.

Asked recently about whether he would run for president, Moore commented: "I don't rule out anything. But I have no plans to do that at this time."

The address to which you can send letters of support, again:

Chief Justice Roy S. Moore
c/o Foundation for Moral Law, Inc.
P. O. Box 231264
Montgomery, AL 36123-1264

Alternately, if you don't feel like dealing with paper, there's always "".
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