April 3rd, 2004

Avenging Angel

Stupid clinics.

How come I have a veterinary clinic for my cats that provides 24/7 service, and yet there doesn't seem to be any clinic that keeps one doctor around even during the day on the weekend? It's not like I have an emergency, I was just thinking that it might be good to go check on whether I ought to get an antibiotic for this thing, since it's lasted more than three days now... It's not something I'd take to an ER -- quite aside from the fact that it's nowhere near that urgent, I suspect my insurance would refuse to pay for it. Apparently I'll just have to wait til Monday, since all of the clinics I've called don't have doctors around, and just suggest going to an ER. :-P

I almost wonder whether I should've just stuck with Kaiser. I switched off onto a more standard insurance plan at the start of the year, but haven't gotten around to finding a GP / primary care provider... Kaiser of course gives a lot less choice, but at least you have a facility that's there, and pretty much always open.
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Beware the undead felines!

So, the onineko_sisters are sleeping in a patch of sunlight on the bed. They've both got their mouths just slightly open, with the tips of their tongues hanging out. They look dead.

I have zombie cats.

They are, of course, the cutest zombie cats in the world.
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