April 6th, 2004

Good in Black


Kinda tired, after having gotten into bed at like 2:30am last night, then out of bed at 8am to feed the cats and go to work...

For the record, Wolfsheim Does Not Suck.

Ayria, on the other hand, upheld the long tradition of opening bands being totally lame. Poorly adjusted sound (all bass and drums, no voice, way too loud overall so that my friend and I retreated to an enclosed space where the music was muffled), but it was just as well, since what one could hear of their singer's voice was kinda hideous and harpy-ish. Bleh.

But once Wolfsheim actually came on, it was cool. Their sound system was decently set up; not too loud, and you could make out the words and everything (which was particularly nice, since they write poetic lyrics).

So, fun. Also fun seeing assorted people I hadn't for a long time.

Odd thing, though -- Wolfsheim seems to have turned all cuddly and life-affirming, which was rather weird, considering they were playing a goth club, and are still generally seen as a darkwave band. Their older stuff has a lot more edge, both in the music and the lyrics. But the new stuff is still actually pretty darn good, so I'm OK with that. It was just unexpected. (Also unexpected was the fact that the lead singer is this very cute, non-threatening-looking, clean-cut guy, who came onstage in bluejeans and a t-shirt. *g*)
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Abelian Grape


Because I have checked the "no robots" option (which in theory means that polite search engines are not indexing my journal), I have created a googlebombing page at my website. If you're interested in that sort of thing, click away.

The bombs in question were gacked from danaeris.
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