April 25th, 2004


Still the cutest cats in the world.

As has been previously reported, I have zombie cats. They like to lounge around in the afternoon looking dead -- they lie on their backs with their eyelids not-quite-closed (so you can see their nictitating membranes), their paws splayed at odd angles, and their tongues sticking out a bit.

I just got a picture of Tsuki in a fairly typical zombie cat pose. I might even post it someday, after I get around to processing the thousand or so pictures backlogged on my drive that are awaiting color/brightness/balance tweaking, cropping, and resizing. (No, they're not all pictures of my cats. Mostly they're from my Australia vacation)

Moments after I took the picture, she rolled a bit, causing her hindquarters to end up a bit off the bed. This led to the fleece she was lying on sliding off the bed, taking her with it. I walked around to see how she was, and found that she'd basically immediately rearranged herself on the fleece and gone right back to sleep.

Silly kitty.
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Bast Boy

GIP, plus a bit of random work progress and some food.

I redid my Bast-Boy icon. I'm curious to see whether anyone can identify everything that changed.

Also, I did the first draft of the new submission guidelines for Strange Horizons, got the May 3rd review into the galleys, and started looking at the May 24th review (which is my next assigned one). On the downside, I still have a little under a hundred messages in the SH box that need looking at, and there is no schedule after the first week of June, which is fast approaching. There're plenty of drafts in hand, but I need to sort through them and schedule them. Bleh.

On the bright side, cooking things has improved my mood. Nothing terribly fancy (french toast yesterday morning, oatmeal with dried fruit cooked in it this morning, and pasta with cheddar cheese sauce and steamed broccoli tonight) but it was all very tasty, and making stuff always makes me happy. Though the downside of that, of course, is that sooner or later I'm going to start gaining weight because of it. Must find other people to eat the food I make. *looks around for volunteers*

Also? The Rocky Horror Picture Show is still very, very silly.
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