April 29th, 2004

Avenging Angel

Electronic voting in CA.

As some of you may've heard, there have been all kinds of problems with electronic voting systems across the country. Problems with electronic voting disenfranchised many voters during our March 2 election. In Alameda County, one out of four polling places had problems with Diebold card encoders; in San Diego County, it was nearly 40 percent. Thousands of Orange County voters were given the wrong electronic ballots; many were unable to cast votes in contests for which they were eligible, while others were allowed to vote in districts in which they did not reside.

Some more sinister problems were documented by Thom Hartmann a good while back, and Mark Fiore recently derived some humor from the issue.

For this reason, MoveOn.org is asking that, in the next day or so, as many CA residents as possible call Secretary of State Kevin Shelley to support decertifaction of paperless electronic voting, with exceptions allowing electronic voting to be used as an alternate method if it is the only method in the district that is accessible to voters with disabilities.

Call: (916) 657-2166
E-mail: constituentaffairs@ss.ca.gov

You can get your call counted by MoveOn at this site: http://www.moveon.org/callmade7.html

Current law already requires a hand-countable paper trail for elections after 2007, IIRC. Let's get that moved up to now.
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