June 9th, 2004

Supernatural Allies

Early morning and late night rides?

So, on Friday I am flying out to Phoenix to visit my folks. If I'm not mistaken, on Saturday and Sunday, my entire immediate family, including the two half-siblings, will be present in one place for the first time in maybe a decade. Plus there'll be the four members of the next generation. (Tremble and know fear, puny humans of Phoenix, Arizona!)

One minor issue is that I have not yet determined how I'm getting to and from the airport. The flight out is very early (something like 6am?) and the flight back is late (arriving at 11-something on Sunday night). This pretty much rules out public transit (CalTrain doesn't run early or late enough). I guess I could use SFO's long-term parking lot, but that's fairly expensive. If I can't find rides, I guess I'll probably just call the SuperShuttle...
Auros Face from wedding

HP3, The Company, and tapas.

Quick roundup of my weekend.

I went up to Sac'to to hang out with dragondawn420. We watched a couple movies, in the theater and on video, and had a very nice dinner.

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We also watched The Company, which is beautiful, and brilliant in its willingness to just observe things happening rather than setting up a contrived plot. Even though it actually is entirely fictional, it almost has the feeling of workplace reality TV shows; the characters feel real enough that you care about them. And the dancing is gorgeous; I'm not usually a huge fan of ballet done to modern music, but I found even the opening number fascinating (it's intensely modern, with digital beeping and thumping; the dancers use long ribbons hanging from sliders up in the catwalks to wrap geometric shapes around themselves, and form crossed patterns). If you have even a passing interest in dance, you must see this film.

For dinner, we went to Tapa the World, which has some very tasty Spanish food (though I don't recommend the tortilla), as well as some more "global fusion" type tapas. (DD had beef tips in an Asian plum and sesame sauce.) The dessert -- a chocolate thing with layers of dense cake and very smooth mousse, with fresh strawberries and a strawberry sangria sauce -- was fantastic. I also tried a madeira, the quintessential Spanish dessert wine, and found it reasonably tasty, if a bit harsh on the front end. Unfortunately I've forgotten the details of its label. :-/

I think on balance I liked the food at the recently-opened local place, Cascal, very slightly better, and it was certainly presented more prettily. But it's also considerably pricier, esp once you account for portion size, so I don't think I'm ever likely to visit it terribly often. *sigh*
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