June 23rd, 2004

Supernatural Allies

The further saga of the glasses.

So, plymouth and I spent almost an hour looking at frames at two different stores that are close to each other at the west end of Castro St. She lucked out and found an absolutely killer frame that suited her needs, by a Japanese designer. (It's kind of expensive, though. Meep.) I didn't really find anything that leapt out at me as perfect. So far as I can tell, the current style very strongly leans towards long narrow rectangles; there was absolutely nothing that had that near-circular look I wanted. The two top contenders at the moment, I think, are the DKNY Sheridan and the Mena J 053. The former is a bit closer to the shape I was looking for, but the frame on the latter is titanium (lighter, more durable, should't corrode at all), and the bridge is just straight, without those silly little plastic bits. I unfortunately forgot to actually compare prices. I'm guessing the Mena J frames are a lot more expensive, though; they were locked in a case, whereas the DKNYs were just out where you could try them on without help from an attendant.

In general, it seemed like there was a trade-off between roundness and smallness; the rounder ones were rounder because they were taller on the vertical dimension, rather than narrower on the horizontal. I really don't need something that includes my peripheral vision, since I'm only planning to wear them for reading, which means I'll be staring straight through the middle of them.

Has anyone looked at glasses any time in the last year or three, and seen circle-style wireframes anywhere? (I've seen something similar with "John Lennon style" sunglasses. But I suspect those frames were pretty shoddy.)

Anyways, after that, we went over to Amarin for Thai food (mango tofu and pad see ew, num!) and good conversation.

So, a nice afternoon, even if it does mean I'm going to be stuck at work til at least 6:30. I've been gradually shifting the cats' dinner time later (so that it's around sunset, rather than 6pm-ish, when it's still bright and hot, and they're just as happy to continue napping) so hopefully they won't be peeved about me not being home at the usual time.
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