July 11th, 2004

Hair Flip Brigade

Yummmm. And poll.

Had good desserts at my aunt's place. Learned another quick'n'easy pudding-ish sort of trick -- chocolate pots de creme. Need to get my aunt to email me so I make sure I have it right. Will edit it in when I have the details down.

Edited in:

Chocolate Pots de Creme

Heat 1 cup milk til it's just at the boiling point; do not let it actually come to a boil. Pour it into a blender with one 12 oz bag of chocolate chips, and two eggs. Blend just until smooth (don't overblend, or it'll get too aerated). Pour into custard cups. Chill. Serves ~8.

These are particularly good with pears, strawberries, or raspberries.

So, right, that's the recipe. And here's a poll I had put up as an "in the meantime" thing:

Collapse )

ETA: Regarding the radio-buttons vs check-boxes on the first question... Oops. And there's no way to edit a poll once it's made. :-P

ETA later: In case it wasn't obvious, I actually already did have some thoughts on what I want to do, but was curious to see what others might say... I don't actually function democratically. *g*

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Avenging Angel

Yay for activism.

I spent a couple hours this afternoon phone-banking, trying to register people in Michigan and Florida. I had no luck at all with MI, but got one elderly, mostly-deaf lady in FL who wants to get registered absentee; I need to call her back tomorrow when her nurse-attendant is around to facilitate things. I think Ping managed to get two or three people, as well.

Also, I'll throw out a last call for anyone out in LJ land who wants to sponsor me for the AIDS Walk, which is coming up next Sunday. If you're interested, send me a note. (My @LJ address works, as does the address provided on my website. Or, heck, you can leave a comment.)

Also, I've just backfilled the chocolate pots de creme recipe, in my previous entry.
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