July 23rd, 2004

Supernatural Allies

Bab5, and... glasses!!!

I had a dozen Bab5ers over last night. Good party. Met a couple of people who are new to the group. Had good pizza. Had a good chat with jilflirt, while attempting to lure the onineko_sisters out of hiding.

Tsuki, actually, was amazingly sociable, for her. Hoshi only ducked her head down to see past the railing and then went and hid under the bed, but Tsuki actually came down to investigate stuff. She didn't let people touch her, but she did come down and slink around under the chairs and tables, and hopped in my lap at one point. Eventually she got into sensory-overload mode, and was cowering behind the TV and speakers, wanting to get back upstairs but afraid to cross the room again with so many people in the way. I extracted her and carried her over the stairs, and she scampered away.

Between that, and Hoshi letting plymouth actually pet her a bit last weekend, maybe there's hope for them becoming somewhat friendly to people-who-are-not-me, someday...

Today I went over to the laundromat at 7am, then went into work for a while. I brought my laptop home to work on a script. Which I should actually go do, but I stopped to check email and LJ. On the way home, I picked up my glasses frames, which are even better than I thought they were going to be. I love the detailing on the part of the arms up near the frames, and the horn portion for the back of the arms is nice too. And they fit perfectly; I tried shaking my head around to see if I could dislodge them, and they didn't budge. Yay!

The optometrist doing the lenses is closed today, will be open on Monday. I'll try to get a pic taken and posted before I take the frames in to have the lenses made and fitted (which will likely take another week or two *sigh*).
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Avenging Angel

Bush torpedos extension of middle class tax cut.


Rs and Ds hammered out a deal to extend the cuts for just the middle class, by two years. But...

"Republican officials said that the White House began to fret over the prospect -- and the potential picture -- of the Democratic duo of Senators John Kerry and John Edwards arriving at the Capitol to vote for the tax cuts, potentially robbing Mr. Bush of a key line of attack against his opponents."

He said he'd veto the deal if it passed at all, holding out for extending the cuts for the middle class only if he can also extend the top bracket cuts, and with a five year extension instead of two. (The article has been spun on one detail -- they say just, "the five year extension [the White House] wanted" -- if you're a political junkie and thus have been reading about this stuff the last few days, you know that the extension they had wanted included the top brackets.) So the whole thing fell apart.

What an asshat. I so hope Kerry gets an ad out about this: "President Bush says he favors tax cuts -- but apparently only if they're for the wealthy."
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