August 6th, 2004

Abelian Grape


As some of you may be aware, one of the topics I track fairly closely is alternative means of producing power. I'm a fairly serious environmentalist, because we've already started seeing effects of global warming and of population exceeding carrying capacity in many environments.

The latest nifty alt-energy tech to come across my desk is something called PV-TV, which I'm assuming stands for something like "photovoltaic television". There's a detailed article in Metropolis (a very nifty design mag).

Basically, it allows you to take your typical glass-clad skyscraper, generate 3.8 watts of power per square foot of surface during the day, and then project pretty pictures onto it from inside during the night, so you can get billboard revenue for it. Pretty neat.
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Avenging Angel

Word to the wise, re: passports.

If you think you might need one at all in the next few years? Go get it soon. Starting in the spring, they're going to be installing smartchips in them which include biometric data to be matched against your face -- the theory is that this makes it harder for somebody who steals it to use it for ID theft. Only problem is, the current state of the tech is known to have a high error rate. So you could just have the bad luck to have a machine say that you don't match your data, and get hauled off by the nice TSA agents. Details.

I should check the expiration on my passport when I get home... I believe I got a new one a few months before going to Oz in Dec '02, but I don't remember how long it's good for...
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Auros Face from wedding

Well, that was fast.

So, I went to toss something into the laundry, then came back to my desk, and looked for my glasses to put them back on, then realized I'd never taken them off. I guess I'm getting used to 'em. 8-)
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