August 9th, 2004

Avenging Angel

Can we execute Karl Rove? In public? Painfully?


Today, around lunchtime, I went with my parents to the polls to vote in our primary election. When I got there, I found that I had somehow been removed from the books, and hence could not vote.

Frustrated, I took the day off work and my mom took me down to the Election Board at 18th and Walnut. When we got there, we found that the reason I was not on the books is that SOMEONE had sent in an address change card for me. I live near 76th and Troost, but the voting database now had me down as living at 52nd and Locust - I've NEVER lived there, and have in fact lived at this address all of my life (well, except for the year in England, and even then this was my "permanent address"). It took about two hours, but the elections commission director straightened it out and I was finally able to vote. However, she told me why this has been happening, and it's very worrisome.

Apparently there are groups out there who buy copies of the voter registration rolls, then send in new registrations for registered voters giving them a new address. . . .

By the way, I'll just say that I think it's significant that I happen to live in a largely minority, heavily Democratic district in a swing state.

Read the rest. Then go back a few entries from here, and get yourself registered absentee.

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SH Planet

Eastern views?

So, I'm planning to go watch the Perseids on Wed night / Tue morning. I know one decent viewing spot near me (where Page Mill intersects Skyline). I'm also thinking of maybe going to Tilden, but I don't know any particular spot with an eastern view. Also, I'd be sorta concerned about fog issues, up there. I might be willing to go across to the next ridge, if anyone has directions to someplace out Orinda-wards, or even Castro-Valley-wards.
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Supernatural Allies

Letter, and silly movie-ness.

My friend jaderabbit sent the onineko_sisters and me a letter on Japanese stationery. Both the paper itself and the envelope (which was selaed inside a second, more typical, blank envelope) look sort of like pages from the business section of a newspaper, with stars, puppies, kittens, and the Engrish phrases "Lovely!" and "I wish to fully grow my sweet dream!" superimposed, along with blank or faded sections where you can actually write stuff. Very, very odd.

Anyways. Congrats on year six, L~. And I'd love to see that movie on Friday. Email me details on timing? You mentioned the location in the letter, but not exactly when people should show up. :-)
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