October 4th, 2004


Weekend, Squash Soup, etc.

Saturday we went to Yank Sing (best dimsum in the city, though you do pay for it), then went home and did random stuff for the afternoon, then went back up to the city for danaeris's bday party, which was fun.

Sunday we went on a ~4.5 mile walk around Big Basin, where we saw Sempervirens Falls, Shadow Brook, and a monument at the base of Slippery Rock, the site where, in the first decade of the 20th century, a few people camped for something like two years as a protest against people cutting down the redwoods and eventually successfully persuaded CA to start its state park system. We went by Andronico's on the way home to pick up food (more below), and finally watched the full recording of the debate while cooking/eating.

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I think as much has been said about the debate as needed to be said. I'm greatly looking forward to seeing Edwards crush Cheney tomorrow evening.
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Abelian Grape

Firefox issues.

I'm having trouble with the up/down and home/end keys. I think they're working as if the webpage I'm looking at was a document I could edit, with a focal point or cursor; the keys move that curor around (up or down a line, and to the left or right of the current line) rather than doing what they should do in a browser (move up or down the page, and go to the top or bottom).

Also, just in general, getting the "focus" to be on the page, so that even the page-up/down keys or the mouse wheel work to move it, is annoying. When I close one tab and it moves to the next, it doesn't automatically focus appropriately; I often have to click somewhere in the new tab's page.

I can't figure out how to get it to accept cookies from the current site, and prompt on whether to accept cookies from an external site.

I'll also mention that I don't like the way they've rearranged the tab context menu. The top option is now "New Tab". On Mozilla, the top option was "Close Tab", and there was a button at the left end of the tab bar to create a new tab. (I'll note that I found I could add a "new tab" button to the regular button bar, alongside the back/forward buttons and so on. But I still think this ought to be in the tab bar.) ETA: I realized I can middle click a tab to close it, so I guess this is lower priority. Still, I think having the New Tab button in the tab bar makes sense. I'm not sure what I'd choose as the first menu item for the tabs. Close All Others is too hazardous; I think I'd pick Reload All. Reload This Tab is too easy to do just by clicking then hitting either F5 or the reload button.)

Are these fixable through some alteration of a config file or the downloading of a patch or plugin? Should I drop a feature request at the site?

Also, anyone want to suggest drop-ins for the search bar? (I haven't actually started playing with it yet. I think I want to remove a few of the defaults...)

ETA: Any of you Smarchy readers want to maybe point Aan over this way? Or possibly I should actually stop by Smarch and and put up a thread. But then I'd get sucked in and waste lots of time on the site, which I've managed to quit reading. :-/
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SH Planet

Lunar Eclipse

There will be a total eclipse of the moon on the night of October 27, 2004.

Here is a Large Friendly Graphic with details for those on Pacific Daylight Time. (Since US Daylight Savings does not end until the morning of October 31st this year, we will still be on PDT.)

Unfortunately, the eclipse will be peaking pretty early, around 8pm -- full moon, of course, means directly overhead at midnight, coming up from the east; and east means hanging out over the light pollution in the valley. Still, I'm going to try to bug out of work early enough to go up to my favorite viewing spot on Skyline Ridge, arriving by 7:30pm at the latest (which means being ready to leave about 6:45pm). If anyone's interested in joining me, let me know.
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