October 12th, 2004

Avenging Angel

Political stuff...

If you live in a market served by a Sinclair Broadcasting station (list with phone numbers), you might want to call them and suggest that a partisan political documentary belongs in theaters where it can be supported by voluntary ticket purchases by supporters rather than on the public's airwaves.

I sorta wish I could do this. Nevada is one of the targets, with Reno and Las Vegas being the places they're sending people... Reno is only just over the border, and I've never been to either city. I dunno. If there're a bunch of other people going (esp if there's cheap lodging to be had -- maybe a group caravanning with an RV for cooking and showers?), I might go for something like the 29th to the 1st; the other weekends I have commitments already. (The concept of Halloween in Vegas is kinda amusing. But I'd have to be home by the afternoon of the second to prep my place for the election night party.) There's also a call out for phone-bankers. We did some of that for MoveOn a couple months back, and that was fun, though less productive than hoped... I just sorta am feeling a need to do something, beyond donating money. I'm all tapped out on money, anyways. I don't even want to think how much I've put into various aspects of this election (presidential, several Senate and House races, MoveOn's three branches, etc), over the last six months. :-/

ETA: Just in case you were thinking that there was anything getting done right under ShrubCo, it's worth noting that after the fall of the Baathist regime, the US refused to let UN inspectors return to clean up known nuclear sites, yet also failed to guard those sites. And now that we finally let the UN back in, the inspectors say that equipment and materials have gone missing. Maybe Dubya should try a new slogan: "George W. Bush: Helping terrorists gain access to nuclear weapons, since 2001."
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