October 14th, 2004

Avenging Angel

More Republican cheating.

In an interview with a Portland TV station, Mike Johnson, a paid canvasser, said that he was instructed to only accept Republican registration forms. He told the TV reporter that he might destroy forms turned in by Democrats. In other words, the Republicans have people out there who are working to make people think they are registered when they're actually not. This and other misleading practices are now being investigated. The company responsible, Sproul & Associates (owned by Republican activist Nathan Sproul, a former state GOP chairman), is under suspicion of having used misleading practices in Nevada, as well.

In other news, apparently my birthday is National Feral Cat Day. I'm sure my adopted former ferals would be amused by this, if it were possible to get the concept into their little walnut-sized brains.
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Supernatural Allies

We are ALL individuals!

I'm not!

Gacked from plymouth.

A book you own that (you expect) no one on your friends list does:
For fiction, I don't know that anybody else would have The Thirteen Clocks or Three Men In a Boat. I'm sure many of you would like them, but the former is hard to come by, and the latter is not well-known in the US. For non-fiction, how about Gary Tomlinson's Music in Renaissance Magic? (I have a number of even more obscure musicology books, from my course on the semiotics of music.)

ETA: Looks like only the non-fiction holds up. I guess I could pick out some more obscure bit of fiction, but most of that is just random sf/f. Or maybe one of my "coffee-table" style books -- Graeme Base's The Discovery of Dragons (a gift from larksdream many years ago) or From Myst to Riven.

A CD you own that (you expect) no one on your friends list does:
I could probably name any of the acapella CDs I have -- say, the Johns Hopkins Octopodes' Stacked Like Pez -- but that'd be too easy. How about I go with Alphaville's Afternoons In Utopia? A lot of people have their first album, Forever Young, and don't even know that there are several more (the one I cited, plus The Breathtaking Blue, Prostitute, and Salvation). (Also, I doubt anybody else on my f-list -- aside from my dad, who has access to my mom's copy -- has Heggie's Dead Man Walking or Messaien's Saint François. Though it's possible phreddiva might prove me wrong.)

ETA: OK, fine, so haikujaguar had Afternoons. But I have the Alphaville albums that were never released in the US!

A DVD/VHS tape you own that (you expect) no one on your friends list does:
The Dangermouse collection, Rustler's Rhapsody, the Three/Four Musketeers (with Richard Chamberlain, et al), I CLAVDIVS, the Akira Kurosawa limited edition box set... I have fairly eclectic tastes.

A place you've been that (you expect) no one on your friends list has been:
Hmmm. I can't cite Ceduna, because a whole bunch of the eclipse-chasers are on my f-list. But none of them went to the Barossa Valley or Kangaroo Island, so far as I know. Alternately, I could try Runaway Bay, Jamaica, where my family went on vacation when I was very young. Or Seal Harbor, ME.

ETA: It looks like Barossa may hold up, but not Kangaroo Island. But nobody's said they've been to Runaway Bay or Seal Harbor... Oh, and I could've also added Big Cranberry Island, ME, which is a an island that's maybe a mile in diameter, off the coast of Mount Desert Island, where Seal Harbor is located. And Mt Desert is itself less than twenty miles in diameter. *g*
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