October 31st, 2004


Last couple of local election items.

For Judge of the Superior Court, Office No. 7, I'm voting for Enrique Colin, based on the Merc's short summary, and the question and answer section for the race at SmartVoter.org. In the '90s, the CA justice system swung heavily towards giving prosecutors more discretion, while giving judges less (through sentencing guidelines of various sorts; happily the Supremes have started making noises about declaring that sort of thing unconstitutional), and in general towards making sentences harsher. I think it's time to moderate that a bit. (Hence my support for Prop 66, and previously for the proposition that diverterd some non-violent drug offenders to treatment programs rather than prisons.)

For the Board of Education, Trustee Area 1, I'm voting for Jeff Ota. I read a bunch of stuff at various sites -- Mountain View Voice, League of Women Voters, etc -- but was ultimately decided against Evers because of his ties to the Bush administration, which are mentioned in brief in the Mercury News (which endorses Ota, although they have nice things to say about Evers as well). (I also read some more stuff on the topic; you can google for it.) While such involvement does not necessarily imply he's a bad person (I rather approve of DiIulio, O'Neill, and even Powell, though I wish the latter would grow some balls and follow in the footsteps of the former two), I don't much like most of the education policy the administration has pursued. In order to get my vote, Evers would need to have publicly repudiated his benefactor Rod Paige, who called the Nat'l Education Association a "terrorist organization", and clearly distanced himself from Republican efforts to funnel public education money into the American equivalent of madrassahs.

I still haven't made up my mind on Prop 1A. But, given that Arnie's pushing it hard, I supsect it will pass no matter what, so maybe I should just skip it. *sigh*
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