February 10th, 2005

Avenging Angel

Fake reporter from fake news agency helps out fake president.

The saga of Jeff Gannon is so much more entertaining than the Armstrong Williams stuff, where they just covertly paid out of gov't coffers to advertise. No, here, Republican backers have invented an entire news agency, and sent a fake reporter, under a fake name, to ask fake questions that pander to the agenda of the Pres or his press secretary. Most entertainingly, the fake reporter turns out to run gay pr0n websites.

The mind, it boggles.

Also: The Secret Service was letting a guy using fake credentials and a fake name into close contact with the President. Ergo: Either they were in on a plot to deceive the public, or they're incompetent.

BTW, while I'm making a politics post, I want to point everyone to Bruce Webb's excellent analysis of the annual reports from the Social Security Trustees. Summary: The year they expect the trust fund to be exhausted keeps moving farther away (it moves out faster than one year per year), the amount of a tax hike they expect would fix the problem keeps declining (instead of increasing, as you'd expect if there was a real problem on which we were delaying action), and the levels of productivity growth they've predicted would solve any budget shortfall have been consistently lower than what we've actually experienced.

Now, tell me again about that crisis...
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