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Thursday, February 17th, 2005

Date:2005-02-17 10:20
Subject:The Republican interpretation of "federalism" becomes clear.
Mood: annoyed

It means that states where Democrats are the majority can be interfered with by Republicans from the federal level, but states where Republicans have control are exempt.

"We don't have much regard for No Child Left Behind in Utah," [Utah superintendent of schools Patti] Harrington said. "For rigor, yes, for achievement, yes, but this law just gets in our way." She called the law's accountability system "convoluted," its method for defining highly-qualified teachers "faulty," and its requirement that disabled children be tested at their grade level rather than at their ability level "ludicrous."

"But we have great hope with Spellings' appointment," she said. "I'm hopeful that she'll come to Utah and say, 'You've got everything in place,' and then set us a little more freedom."

Ms. Spellings said that Senator Orrin G. Hatch had invited her to Utah and she expressed eagerness to visit there. "These are Republicans," she said. "These are our people."

Oh, also? I know a few friends involved with mental-health treatment do read me regularly. You should read this.

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