February 28th, 2005

Auros Face from wedding

Mendocino, briefly.

Took Friday off from work. Drove up 101. Stopped for a snack at a surprisingly good Thai place in Rohnert Park -- 6358 Commerce Blvd, if you want to look it up so you have a place to stop on a future trip north. Arrived at Griffin House in time to watch the sunset from the beach. Enjoyed highly-discounted dinner, thanks to an "internet special" I got when making the reservation. This included the first really good Carolina-style (moist-cooked, thick savory sauce) barbecue I've found in CA. (There's a good Texas-style place on El Camino in MtV, but I much prefer Carolina- or Georgia- style; Georgia-style is like Carolina, but much sweeter).

Spent most of Saturday hiking in Russian Gulch State Park -- saw a gorgeous waterfall, and a sinkhole where a sea cave with two entrances collapsed. At high tide, it apparently produces some pretty spectacular spray. Sadly, we were there at low tide. But it was still nifty...

Enjoyed lazy mornings with breakfast brought to the door of our cottage, and making fires in the wood stove the evenings. All in all, a very nice weekend.

Planning to go have a light meal at Cascal in an hour, with Xta and emmett_the_sane. (Edit: E_T_S got stuck at work and didn't join us. Oh well. It was tasty.)

Random addition: If I were better at drawing, I would produce a cartoon illustrating the silly idea that popped into my head a few minutes ago: baby Magellan in his pram, circumperambulating the globe.
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