March 4th, 2005

Avenging Angel

This is why I want to replace Feinstein with Anna Eshoo...

Just sending this to Senator Feinstein, through her website...

I was extremely disappointed to learn, in reading an editorial in The New Republic ("Morally Bankrupt, in the 3/7 issue) that Senator Feinstein gave her assent to the committee approval of the "Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act". The numbers show that the credit industry is booming in spite of a modest rise in bankruptcies, and that in any case the reason for that rise is mostly a lack of health insurance. Half of all Chapter 7 bankruptcies follow a large, unexpected medical expense.

I hope you will reconsider your support when this bill comes before the full Senate. Democrats have started getting traction on Social Security, and should expand their defense of the middle class. Don't give in to the Republican "mandate" nonsense -- these are our winning issues!

You can see more on the numbers at the LAT, or, if you have a subscription, read the more succinct TNR editorial.

Feinstein would make a great candidate for governor (read: would stand a chance of beating Ahhhnuld) -- she's fairly conservative for a CA democrat, and her willingness to compromise would go in the right direction (with the sometimes-overly-liberal legislature) instead of handing issues to the radically-conservative Republican Congress.

PS: Meanwhile, back on the farm, the United States is developing an agonizer. I guess those secret unregulated prisons just weren't effective enough at torturing people.

PPS: Scratch that last -- they like torturing people in the prisons at home, too.

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