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Welcome to the Aurosphere
Tuesday, March 8th, 2005

Date:2005-03-08 14:13
Subject:Final Fantasy Concert
Mood: tired

The concert last night was pretty good. Uematsu was there, and made some remarks (through a translator) about exposing more young people to symphonic music. The show would've been greatly improved by ditching their "mistress of ceremonies", a blond ditz who apparently does courtside commentary for the Sacramento Kings and knew nothing at all about FF, or even about music (she was calling pieces with no vocals "songs"). And they could've picked more appropriate video clips to put on the screens over the symphony, in a few cases... But still, definitely fun.

I was particularly amused by Uematsu making a show of telling the audience that the symphony wanted to go home and have a beer, then "negotiating" with the conductor (handing him a folded up bill) and announcing that they'd do an encore. (The encore being One-Winged Angel, the rather dramatic theme for Sephiroth. And they opened with Liberi Fatali. I do wish they'd done something showcasing the Prelude a little more.)

We wandered past a few of the nice Nob Hill restaurants we got out (at 10pm), but they were all closing. We ended up having rather unsatisfactory salads, and tasty milkshakes, down at Cafe Mason.

ETA: I just found that apparently Square tried to get Uematsu-san to maintain a blog to promote the concert series, but he gave up on it after only a few posts. Highlights: he rides a Vespa, and likes making homemade pasta. *g*

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