March 10th, 2005

Supernatural Allies

Plug plug plug!

My friend Meredith Macdonald has co-written a book on ethics from the perspective of modern paganism/wicca, An Ye Harm None. Being game-illiterate, she consulted me a while back on the topic of what a parent trying to regulate their kid's use of games might want to consider, and included a section based on our exchange.

The book has an interesting mix of practical and philosophical stuff -- from hot-button issues like abortion, to concerns about the environment (both general, and specific -- there're brief descriptions of various chemicals we're exposed to in daily life), to providing a basic glossary of investment terms and discussing socially responsible investment. A lot of it probably will seem like common sense to readers in the ostensible target demographic; but probably not all the same bits for every reader. And I'm guessing that at least a few copies are going to get given to confused parents, siblings, etc, who think that being pagan implies some kind of immorality, just to get across that one can be ethical without relying on a Bible for guidance.
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