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Welcome to the Aurosphere
Wednesday, April 6th, 2005

Date:2005-04-06 21:56
Subject:Enough with the Popapalooza, already!
Mood: annoyed

Sure, he pardoned Galileo, and admitted that maybe people of other faiths weren't evil, thus demonstrating that Church's officially-approved worldview might be as little as three centuries out of date. Meanwhile, he advised Africans that condoms are sinful, and ineffective at preventing the spread of STDs, thus contributing to the deaths of millions. Oh, and there was also that bit about sheltering child molesters and aggrandizing their accomplices.

Thank heavens there are a few people left willing to speak ill of the dead. And one of them is ten times the theologian JP2 ever was.

ETA: And no, he didn't "end communism". It's not even like he was personally present to help out Solidarity. Haven't we already heard enough of that nonsense in the Reagan hagiographies?

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