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Welcome to the Aurosphere
Tuesday, May 3rd, 2005

Date:2005-05-03 12:13
Subject:Dispatch from the War on Empiricism: Decrepit Weather Sattelites
Mood: bitchy

Via New Scientist:

President George W Bush's proposed budget for Fiscal Year 2006 lists Earth studies as one of NASA's five national objectives. But in that budget, NASA's Earth science programmes would get $1.37 billion, about 8% less than they received the year before.

Don't like those pesky scientists fretting about global warming climate change? Instead of spending lots of money funding your own fake scientists dissenting experts, why not just pull the plug on the data source that those scientists rely on? Who needs weather sattelites anyhow? I'm sure the private sector will pick up the slack, right Senator Santorum?

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