June 25th, 2005


Lazy Saturday... yet not!

I spent most of today curled up in bed with the cats... doing my Stats homework for next week and the week after. Go me. Tsuki decided that, since I was studiously trying to do something else, this would be a good time to pick back up her habit of playing with my beard.

During a period when the cats were napping, I managed to clip their claws... will have to see if they're willing to have their teeth swiped with a q-tip of mouthwashy stuff later, if Xta ever gets back from Santa Cruz.

I also went out to buy more Blenheims, since the last batch was split between a package for my parents (for which the packaging and overnight shipping cost about ten times as much as the 'cots themselves) and the folks at Wine and Song.

Now planning to listen to backlog of Wait Wait until Xta shows up or I pass out... I've been too busy the last few weeks to catch the show live. :-/
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