June 29th, 2005

Auros Face from wedding

Herbie at the Drive-In

Xta and I went to see Herbie: Fully Loaded at the Capitol Drive-In last night. It was cute, and did a decent job of honoring the spirit of the old Herbie flicks. (I did think that they maybe over-anthropomorphized Herbie a few times, using animation stuff just because they could; part of the charm of the original is that he's very much a car.)

The drive-in thing was kinda fun. Cheaper than a regular theater, you get to control the volume and (mostly) not be disturbed by other folks at the movie, and the picture was better quality than I expected. Still, it's not quite as comfortable as the nice seats at newer theaters, and the sound and picture don't compare to what you get at, say, the larger screens at the Metreon or Mercado. Also, SUVs shouldn't be allowed in the front half of the lot, where they basically make the spaces immediately behind them untenable for anyone not in an SUV. :-P

After getting back from the movie, I was kept up way too late by Xta's roommate, who was just downloading Google Earth and playing with it on the projection screen. Oh my lord is that thing disturbing. The amount of data backing it is just mind-boggling. You can look at 3-D renders of buildings in most major US cities, find your house, see what Mount Everest looks like (more or less) from Kathmandu... Most distracting internet toy EVER.
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Lucy's is gone! :-(

I tried to stop at Lucy's Teahouse on my way from work to class -- and it's not there anymore! Waaaaaah! I mean, OK, I can get bubble tea lots of other places. But Lucy's was an institution. I was getting bubble tea there before bubble tea was "in". :-(

In other news, today's class was short. Review of the first half of the class, and a "midterm" test. Review took half an hour, and I finished the test in maybe 20 or 25 minutes. I remain astonished that anyone finds the material covered thus far non-obvious. Hopefully the "tests of significance" part will be a little more interesting. (T-tests, and chi squares, and ANOVAs, oh my!)
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