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Welcome to the Aurosphere
Monday, August 22nd, 2005

Date:2005-08-22 10:35
Subject:Here's something you wouldn't see Dean doing...
Mood: pissed off

Diebold hires top Dem for PR blitz: Former party chairman make [sic] the case for voting to California

The title is actually misleading; it should be:

Diebold hires [repudiated] top Dem for PR blitz: Former party chairman [to] make the case for [insecure, unverifiable] voting [conducted on machines produced by a company where one of the VPs is a felon, and the top programmer is a felon convicted of software-based theft to pay off a blackmailer!] to California.

I want this man formally drummed out of the party.

No wonder we keep losing -- too many people in leadership who are either stupid enough to believe that a company like Diebold is telling them the truth that their machines are fine and they just need a little help selling 'em... or know the machines are insecure, but don't care about whether the votes of average party members get counted.

ETA: In case you were wondering, Republicans still suck too. Gah!

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Date:2005-08-22 18:00
Subject:MIT is #1...
Mood: amused

...on the Washington Monthly's rankings of colleges and universities that contribute the most to US prosperity.

Hopkins makes #11, beating out the Ivies, and continuing a long tradition of just barely missing top-ten rankings in all sorts of places. (When I was there, JHU had just broken into the top 10 of the US News and World Report rankings, and I think it peaked at #7, but then abruptly dropped back out, a year or two after I left.)

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