October 29th, 2005


Ballot review.

To start with, I should note two things: I always make the presumption, on Propositions (other than the kind that is already approved by the legislature, like bond measures), that the default answer is NO. Statutes in general should be possible to resolve through the legislative process. And I don't trust the people who put stuff on the ballot not to try to sneak something by "the People", because the People are not savvy about legal language. This goes double for this grand-standing special election, called by the Gubernator under rather suspicious circumstances. (This is the last election before the voter-verified paper trail rule goes into effect.) Collapse )

I still haven't made a lot of progress on my decisions about the Palo Alto offices; I think I've settled on Tom and Mitchell for school-board, and Klein for Council. But I still have four approvals available for Council, and I think there's also an election for one slot on the Foothill-DeAnza Community College Board of Trustees. Regarding the Council, there's a "soft slate" among Holman, Kishimoto, and Drekmeier, which I have heard conflicting stories about -- they work well together and would make the board more efficient and consensus-driven, but some critics have suggested that they tend to be better at blocking bad things than doing good ones (i.e. they'd rather block development entirely than really look at ways to develop sensibly). The reason I like Klein, actually, is that he has a record of working with landowners and developers to accomplish positive goals -- he was the driving force behind creating, through various purchases and land-swaps, the huge Open Space District along the west side of Palo Alto, out around Arastradero and 280.

Anyone know anything more about the Council or FDACC BoT? If I have time to do more research, I'll post again. :-/
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