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Welcome to the Aurosphere
Sunday, January 22nd, 2006

Date:2006-01-22 14:30
Mood: busy

At some point in the next week, I need to move a couch from Xta's place up to mine. Anybody have a truck? I will compensate with a tank of gas and a free dinner (or brunch, if we do it Saturday afternoon).

I haven't updated a lot recently, and I haven't read anyone in at least four days... This is because I currently have no life. I had MLK Jr Day off. I spent 13 hours on readings and homework (Microecon and Fundamentals of Finance). I also spent about 10 hours yesterday. Today I helped pack up D~'s stuff; he is now on his way up to his new place, and I imagine G~ will start moving stuff in some time in the next week...

I guess Xta and I did go see the new Underworld (which is about as good as the original, which is to say, not great art, but entertaining). That's something... And I filed papers with my insurer to try to up the amount of money in my (tax-sheltered) Health Reimbursement Account so I can do orthodontia (I've been biting the inside of my lips a lot, because of out-of-alignment teeth). Oh, and the cats went to the vet.

That about covers it.

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