February 7th, 2006


Attack of the Pig Men!

If you've heard about Dubya's odd digression on "human-animal hybrids" in the SotU, here's an explanation: Pharyngula is teh r0xx0rs. (I'm curious for opinions on the site from fyfer, flamingnerd, and entomologist, since they probably know more about the subject matter than I do.)

PS: Kevin Drum is funny. "I was hoping that scientists were working on outfitting me with the eyes of an eagle and the reflexes of a cat. But instead they're just working on curing disease and making the world a better place. Sheesh."
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New Toy!

sunyata__ generously sold me her old cat tree well below what it would've cost new, since her kitty Pascal wasn't much interested in it, apparently. It has been hauled up to my bedroom and fit into place. The cats have given it a thorough sniffing over, and decided it is not an immediate threat.

Next to acquire materials to build a kitty jungle gym on top of the four-poster bed...

Xta and I also walked the mile or so up to University Ave and had dinner at Pasta Pomodoro. Yum. A good evening, all 'round.
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