March 3rd, 2006

Dem Donkey

And yet one more...

Huh, I don't know if word's going around that it's a good way to get yourself plugged, or if my journal has suddenly become the place to get mentioned, or what. I'll fall back on the theory that we really do have a crop of surprisingly conscientious, thoughtful candidates running. Anyways, I got a card from Lee Ballenger, a high school teacher and vet from the first Gulf War. He'll be running against Barrett Gresham, an ally of Tom DeLay (and recipient, in this campaign cycle, despite DeLay's indictment, of $10k from DeLay's PAC). Gresham is also one of the Republicans who has been talking about either converting the income tax to a flat rate (ignoring the fact that doing so would make our overall tax structure regressive, since FICA, sales taxes, etc, are all regressive), or switching to a national sales tax or VAT (again, regressive).
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